Detangler Hair Brush

  • $15.00

Easily detangle your beautiful Natural Hair with our Detangling Brush. 

USED ON: All Natural Hair types- Straight, Curly, Coily and Kinky (Hair Types 3a- 4c)

- Hair extensions such as - weaves and wigs

The flexible head with separate bristles makes it really easy to detangle your hair.

HOW TO USE: Use in the shower or out of the shower. Apply product of choice to your hair and detangle. (Best results on wet hair)

**Brushes come with a free small bracket(if available), which easily clips into the back of your brush. When bracket is attached, bristles stay in place. Simply remove extra piece so bristle can move freely. Bracket is not needed when using brush.

Not recommended for detangling dry type 3 and 4 hair.


Find cofounder @ShaniqueBuntyn on Youtube and Instagram using the Detangler brush.

See Shanique using our brush here & below.

"At first I was skeptical because i'm really picky when it comes to combs and brushes for my hair, but this brush is AMAZING, it makes detangling my hair a breeze!." - Shanique


Painless detangling = NO TEARS!

*Every brush goes through quality checking by our team before being shipped!


All colour bundle includes one of each colour Brush

PBG Bundle include a pink, green and black brush